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Our services

For us everything starts from the development of our culture. From a philosophical content that lies behind every idea we have. Individuals, quality and continuity play a key role in designing and implementation of events.

Cultural Consultants

After we write down the expectations and the individual needs you have we configure α creative idea that will absolutely correspond to your standards and the achievements of your personal goals.

Organizing, planning and implementation of cultural events

Organizing and planning events is always under cooperation. We maintain a high quality level of services. The key in designing an event is creating local infrastructures and collaborations with cultural operators, universities, schools, professionals and artists from Greece and abroad.

Organizing, support, management and coordination of cultural events

We take care everything until the end of the event from the idea, the designing of a campaign the coordination of artists, the work flow, the sound and the lighting design till the hole taking care of the artists.

Designing and marketing management – communications strategy

A very important goal for us is the communication designing the marketing broadcast and the newsroom services in the hole mass media and social media area. (poster designing, newsroom, radio broadcast, tv spot)
Audiovisual equipment diligence, photography, video editing, distribution of advertising flyers, designing and production of advertising material. (invitations, schedules, posters, envelopes, flyers, banners, announcements, participation cards and much more)

Legal and tax support

We provide legal and accounting cover, payments, insurance contributions and tax support for all the artists we collaborate with.

We also take care the financial management for the hole event from the beginning until the end of it. We draw up integrated budgets, contract management, wholesale invoices and final financial account.

Management - Booking & artists tour management

Promotion of the artist and his work. Artistic tour design and implementation.

Technical equipment finding and placement management, movement coordination and artist's group accommodation.

We draw up a daily schedule and a specific time table. Artists welfare and backstage setups. Stage management and ticketing.

We draw up a detailed report after the end of each event.